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Sustainability Policy

Sustainability Policy

Aware of the importance of developing and maintaining sustainable tourism, and assuming the principles specifically adopted in the sectors Technical Standard NTS–TS 002, Lancaster House Hotel is committed to carry out a sustainable management of its activities aimed at maintaining or improving positive sociocultural, economic and environmental impacts, as well as the management, minimization or elimination of those negative impacts generated or related to the development of activities, both internal and external, as well as optimizing sustainability, through the following points:

• The conservation of natural resources, through the management and efficient use of water, energy as well as the minimization of atmospheric, visual and auditory pollution.

• The implementation of policies for the purchase and consumption of products, as well as the management of waste derived from our activities.

• Respect for cultural values and traditions, through the dissemination and promotion of cultural heritage.

• One of our main objectives is to improve sustainable management, assuming the commitments of continuous improvement in all areas of sustainability: social, economic and environmental, as well as in customer satisfaction and compliance with duties and rights of our stakeholders

• Likewise, we are committed to motivating and educating our staff with training on the principles of sustainable tourism, the prevention of CSEC and child labor exploitation, as well as the promotion of good environmental practices.

This sustainable tourism policy will be updated whenever circumstances require it, adopting and publishing in both cases new sustainability objectives. For those who may wish to see these programs in depth may write to who will make them available to all interested parties:

Energy management, procedures, and environmental indicators

Water management, environmental procedures, and indicators

Emission management of ozone-depleting substances

Greenhouse gas emission management

Waste management

Program for socio-cultural support to communities and minorities

Management of air, environmental and visual pollution

Protection of biodiversity

Protection and sustainable use programs

Prevention of trafficking in flora and fauna

Summary of Product Characteristics and consumption of chemical substances



Lancaster House we takes a step forward for animal welfare, we are committed to only using cage-free eggs, in all their forms and products that contain it. This is a permanent decision for the company, which applies to all its headquarters and whose transition will be completed no later than 2024.

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